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Latest Features and Enhancements Now Available!

Our development team has been hard at work on the latest round of GreeksLink enhancements which include various speed improvements and a number of requests from our users. The requests include:
  1. New Support Area - We simplified and streamlined the ticketing process. It's now easier than ever to submit a question or feature request to our development team.
  2. Tracking gender for each member - You can now record gender for each chapter member when editing the member's profile.
  3. Color-coding profile cards based on gender- The default will remain blue but the colors will changed based on gender.
  4. Sortable List-View - the "excel" view is now sortable. The roster can be printed using any order for the columns.

Whats next for the GreeksLink team?
Based on user requests, we will be replacing the current chapter event calendar with a larger chapter calendar view! It will improve printing and make upcoming events easier to see. 

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