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What is the Roster Upload tool?

We understand that many fraternities and sororities already have some sort of member tracking "system" in place. Most of the time this will be an excel document where information like Name, Email Address, Big and Little information, and Graduation Year are recorded in order to keep in touch with members of the chapter after they graduate. Even for small chapters this can be a massive document that becomes tough to maintain and family lines are not traceable.

The Roster Upload tool allows any Chapter Administrator to add the members of your chapter into GreeksLink in bulk. Simply specify the location of the .xls or .xlsx file, list the name of the Sheet to pull from, indicate if the file has headers, and point to your data. It's that easy!

Would you prefer our staff upload your chapter roster instead? Not a problem! Email us at or head to our support area to make an upload request or suggest new features.
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