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What is a Chapter Management System?

A well-designed Chapter Management System, or Chapter Management Software, should include the tools your group needs to create a chapter plan for growth, organize events, and build a stronger network for members. A few important features of a well-designed CMS include:

  • Post announcements for active members and alumni, such as house news and updates
  • Track new initiates as they join your organization, including the date they became active
  • Display and print chapter roster in tree, composite, and list views
  • Record each member's big brother or big sister
  • Send private messages to members, for personal conversations
  • Remind each member of upcoming chapters events such as philanthropy and social outings
  • Allow chapter members to log in update the details of their profile
  • Detail important information about your chapter such as founding year and current address
  • Import your roster from an existing spreadsheet - want us to import for you, no problem!

We have designed GreeksLink from the ground up specifically for this purpose. We want to help simplify the process of connecting your alumni with active members, and it's 100% free. You will never pay a setup or monthly fee to use GreeksLink no matter the size of your organization! 

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