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The Announcement of GreeksLink Premium

Today we proudly announce a new option for interested chapters - GreeksLink Premium!

We have been asked by many chapters to offer a publicly facing website. Ranging from "none of our members are web developers" to "it's too much upkeep" we heard your requests, and starting today we will offer each chapter the option to upgrade to GreeksLink Premium giving your chapter the internet presence it needs.

GreeksLink Premium will cost $99.00 annually and will assign your chapter a personalized URL. For example - Once payment has been processed we will contact the chapter administrators to fill out a questionnaire about what content you would like included, and we may ask for a few pictures to include on the site.

Want to ask for alumni donations? No problem! Any administrator can send a donation request to chapter alumni. Once received the donation will cover 1 year of Premium service.

Want to know more about GreeksLink? Contact our support team at or tweet us - @GreeksLink.
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