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How can my chapter use GreeksLink?

  1. Chapter member (president, vice-president, alumni chair, active member, or alumni) creates an account and logs in to create the chapter profile. This user becomes the chapter administrator and will have update rights over each new member.

  2. Administrator adds new members to the roster individually or through our excel upload tool*. Add details such as name, email address, initiated year, birthday, big, and little(s), etc.

  3. Administrator invites members (both active and alumni) to create an account. Once logged in the member can update their own profile, or the administrator can details records. The email address field becomes locked and can only be changed by the user logging in!

  4. Member can post events and announcements on the chapter message board or ask questions on the GreeksLink support page. Members can also view and print rosters for event attendance, send personal messages, and view contact information of each member.

  5. Administrator can promote other members to be co-administrators to help add new members and update chapter profile.

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