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How Do Other Members Sign In

Question: "How do I have the rest of my chapter join?". You've started your chapter, you've added members to the roster, and now you want them to be able to see the chapter you created. 

The user sign-in is based on the Primary Email address of each member's profile. Once you (or another admin) enter an email address for each member the site will automatically recognize them upon sign-in. 

Any chapter Administrator can also use the "Invite Members" tool to send each chapter member an email to log in for the first time.

The Announcement of GreeksLink Premium

Today we proudly announce a new option for interested chapters - GreeksLink Premium!

We have been asked by many chapters to offer a publicly facing website. Ranging from "none of our members are web developers" to "it's too much upkeep" we heard your requests, and starting today we will offer each chapter the option to upgrade to GreeksLink Premium giving your chapter the internet presence it needs.

GreeksLink Premium will cost $99.00 annually and will assign your chapter a personalized URL. For example - Once payment has been processed we will contact the chapter administrators to fill out a questionnaire about what content you would like included, and we may ask for a few pictures to include on the site.

Want to ask for alumni donations? No problem! Any administrator can send a donation request to chapter alumni. Once received the donation will cover 1 year of Premium service.

Want to know more about GreeksLink? Contact our support team at or tweet us - @GreeksLink.

New Chapter Calendar and Member Profile Updates

Our latest round of improvements include changes to the member profile page, a redesign of the "Admin Tools" area, and a larger chapter calendar! It's now easier than ever for members to add events to the calendar and remind the chapter of upcoming philanthropies, outings, brotherhoods/sisterhoods, or chapter meetings. 

We also welcomed many new chapters over the past few months who are quickly discovering the benefits of using GreeksLink to organize and connect their chapter. As always, we're listening to their feedback and want yours as well! Email us at or Tweet us @GreeksLink your request today!

Latest Features and Enhancements Now Available!

Our development team has been hard at work on the latest round of GreeksLink enhancements which include various speed improvements and a number of requests from our users. The requests include:
  1. New Support Area - We simplified and streamlined the ticketing process. It's now easier than ever to submit a question or feature request to our development team.
  2. Tracking gender for each member - You can now record gender for each chapter member when editing the member's profile.
  3. Color-coding profile cards based on gender- The default will remain blue but the colors will changed based on gender.
  4. Sortable List-View - the "excel" view is now sortable. The roster can be printed using any order for the columns.

Whats next for the GreeksLink team?
Based on user requests, we will be replacing the current chapter event calendar with a larger chapter calendar view! It will improve printing and make upcoming events easier to see. 

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Does GreeksLink allow Personal Profile Pictures?

Each member has the ability to sign in and manage their own profile, including information such as graduation year, pledge class, spouse name, major, etc. One important aspect to a personal profile is a custom member profile picture! Each user will be assigned a stock image upon first signing in. Navigate to the member's profile to update this detail.

Option 1 - Upload a personal image
Select the "Choose File" button and navigate to the file you wish to upload.

Option 2 - Using a different stock image
Click the blue arrows next to the file selector to pick a stock image from our available list of choices.

Have a request or a feature suggestion? You can always email to submit your idea!

Social Sign In Now Available

We understand that having yet another username and password to remember can be a hassle. Our latest release includes Social Sign In - use your Google or Facebook account to Sign In to GreeksLink. As chapter members create accounts they can choose the method they prefer.

Have questions? Email us at

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What is the Roster Upload tool?

We understand that many fraternities and sororities already have some sort of member tracking "system" in place. Most of the time this will be an excel document where information like Name, Email Address, Big and Little information, and Graduation Year are recorded in order to keep in touch with members of the chapter after they graduate. Even for small chapters this can be a massive document that becomes tough to maintain and family lines are not traceable.

The Roster Upload tool allows any Chapter Administrator to add the members of your chapter into GreeksLink in bulk. Simply specify the location of the .xls or .xlsx file, list the name of the Sheet to pull from, indicate if the file has headers, and point to your data. It's that easy!

Would you prefer our staff upload your chapter roster instead? Not a problem! Email us at or head to our support area to make an upload request or suggest new features.

How can my chapter use GreeksLink?

  1. Chapter member (president, vice-president, alumni chair, active member, or alumni) creates an account and logs in to create the chapter profile. This user becomes the chapter administrator and will have update rights over each new member.

  2. Administrator adds new members to the roster individually or through our excel upload tool*. Add details such as name, email address, initiated year, birthday, big, and little(s), etc.

  3. Administrator invites members (both active and alumni) to create an account. Once logged in the member can update their own profile, or the administrator can details records. The email address field becomes locked and can only be changed by the user logging in!

  4. Member can post events and announcements on the chapter message board or ask questions on the GreeksLink support page. Members can also view and print rosters for event attendance, send personal messages, and view contact information of each member.

  5. Administrator can promote other members to be co-administrators to help add new members and update chapter profile.

What is a Chapter Management System?

A well-designed Chapter Management System, or Chapter Management Software, should include the tools your group needs to create a chapter plan for growth, organize events, and build a stronger network for members. A few important features of a well-designed CMS include:

  • Post announcements for active members and alumni, such as house news and updates
  • Track new initiates as they join your organization, including the date they became active
  • Display and print chapter roster in tree, composite, and list views
  • Record each member's big brother or big sister
  • Send private messages to members, for personal conversations
  • Remind each member of upcoming chapters events such as philanthropy and social outings
  • Allow chapter members to log in update the details of their profile
  • Detail important information about your chapter such as founding year and current address
  • Import your roster from an existing spreadsheet - want us to import for you, no problem!

We have designed GreeksLink from the ground up specifically for this purpose. We want to help simplify the process of connecting your alumni with active members, and it's 100% free. You will never pay a setup or monthly fee to use GreeksLink no matter the size of your organization! 

How is this social network different?

The first question we always get is "how is GreeksLink any different from the other sites I already use?". GreeksLink was designed specifically for fraternities and sororities as a combination of a social network and a chapter management system.

We incorporated important social functionality such as an announcement board, private messaging, and chapter lists... and also included new features that the other sites lack. Our "Chapter Tree" view allows members of the organization to see each member's big brother or big sister with a graphical design and our "Chapter Roster" view displays each brother or sister much like a composite.

Finally, unlike other social networking sites, we listen. We want to hear feedback and deliver requested features to our users. Have a question or a feature request? Head over to our support area at

Want to learn more? Create an account and start your chapter today. It's free and can help simplify the process of managing your greek organization.