GreeksLink Terms and Conditions

Last Revised Jan 6, 2013

Below are the detailed terms and conditions that you must read and accept before using our service.

1. Overview

Before using this website you must review and accept the following terms and conditions (“Agreement”). The Agreement defines your rights and responsibilities as a user (“User”) for the website, greekslink.com (“Website”) operated by GreeksLink. This website is operated in the United States. Registration as a User to the Website results in your information being stored and processed. You consent to greekslink.com storing and processing the personal data you submit. You must be 18 years old or older to use the website.

2. Description

GreeksLink offers an online service where Users can create and maintain Fraternity and Sorority lineage trees. Users can also communicate with each other about lineage and Fraternity/Sorority information. The Website contains graphics, information, data, user generated information, and other content accessible by other Users. The Website is protected by copyright.

3. Limited Use

You may access the Website, use of graphics information, data, and other content can be used for personal user only and may not be distributed. GreeksLink retains ownership and all rights, to all information and content entered on the Website. Bots, spiders, data miners, and any other automatic access tools are prohibited. Violation of this license agreement may result in immediate termination of your membership and may result in legal action.

4. Conduct Rules

Before using the Website you agree with all applicable laws and refrain from infringing on any privacy and intellectual property rights. You must agree that you will not knowingly submit inaccurate or offensive content to the Website. These policies must be followed at all times when accessing the Website. The Website Conduct Rules are the following:
  1. Must be 18 years old and cannot falsify identity.
  2. Must read and agree to the GreeksLink Terms and Conditions, as well as the GreeksLink Privacy Policy listed on this Website.
  3. Cannot post or display anything that is illegal, threatening, harmful, or abusive.
  4. Cannot post or display anything that is protected by copyrighted, trademark, does not belong to you, or you do not have authorization to use.
  5. Cannot post or enter in any information that you know is false and misleading.
  6. Cannot post, display, or make available any advertising, promotional material, junk mail, and any other form of solicitation.
  7. Do not stalk or harass any other User, including GreeksLink employees.
  8. Do not attempt or use another User’s account without authorization.
  9. Cannot reproduce, copy, or sell any portion of the GreeksLink website.
  10. Cannot interfere or attempt to interfere with the GreeksLink website.
  11. Cannot use the GreeksLink website for illegal activity, or provide/promote material for illegal activity.
This list is subject to change at any time by GreeksLink.

5. User Provided Content

Portions of the Website allow Users to contribute and add material that will be displayed and used on the Website. GreeksLink cannot preview or monitor all the User provided content, but the Website holds the rights to filter, monitor, and delete any content that may be in violation of the Terms and Conditions. The decision to provide information to GreeksLink is your responsibility. You can only provide information that belongs to you, and will not violate the rights of others. User submitted content belongs to that creator, and cannot be reproduced or reused without the User’s permission. Any User that provides information to the Website represents that the User has the right to do so. By submitting User provided content to GreeksLink, you grant GreeksLink to use, host, and distribute your content. You hereby release GreeksLink from any claim, demands, actions or suits in connection to User provided content. GreeksLink, besides the rights in this Agreement, have no title or ownership rights to any content a User provides.

6. Modifications to this Agreement

GreeksLink has the right, at its discretion, to modify or change this Agreement and any time. All changes will be posted on the Website and the Last Revised date will change on this Agreement. If any part of the Agreement, or change to the Website, is unacceptable to you, you may cancel/delete your account at any time. Continued use of the Website, or following Agreement changes, means you have accepted this Agreement.

7. Miscellaneous

For additional comments or questions please contact us at: Support@GreeksLink.com or post in our support area at http://support.greekslink.com

8. Billing

GreeksLink reserves the right to offer one or more pricing options. Any paid upgrade on GreeksLink will last for 1 year from purchase date and will expire on midnight on scheduled expiration date. Additional purchase will be required for any additional year. Any upgrade will be considered non-refunadable and upgraded package will continue until scheduled expiration. GreeksLink may use external vendors for billing or payment processing - purchaser agrees to all terms and conditions of this external website or payment processor.